There are a lots of websites and tools that coming out every day following the Information technology merging. Twitter, which allows you to broadcast text messages up to 140 characters in length, is fast becoming the place where a lot of information is being shared online. And it is being on one of excellent sources of information by, about and for small businesses. This is the main reason why we recommend this tool for our client at the first easy step to enter into a small business world.


Of course, we will teach the client how to open a related business account in professional aspect. Professional—I mean that one can attract your potential customers at the first sight, and help you to contact with your customers in time for more business in the future.

From our feedback, a lot of clients DO have the necessary to expand their business through the internet world. However, most of them DO not know how to begin it. And our professional IT team will teach you step-by-step to simple this problem for you to drive Twitter traffic to your own sites and to connect with people.

In conclusion, we position ourselves as a professional team to offer professional directions for small business owners.

Updating Services for Client

As twitter kept on updating its own services, we will pick up the part good for client’s business. Then let our client know how to use them at the first time to set up an advanced position in the business and beating other competitors.

For example, Twitter Local Trends—a new Twitter addition recently—allow client to designate your local area so that you can see the news and trends most relevant to where you’re from. As a business owner, client is always looking to find out what’s hot in their areas and connect with customers. And this new addition is a good addition that we will recommend to client at the first time.


Links and videos for clients to better understand and use this tool.

1.      Video to show you how and why is twitter

2.      Article from NEW YORK TIMES to show you how easy to expand your business via Twitter

3.      “Can Twitter help business?” More confirmation here.

4.      “Why is it important for small business!”

5.      Tips for clients to use.

6.      Good applications for clients to use


1.      Anita Campbell, Jan, 20 2009. “Small Business Advice”, Data from

2.      Lisa Barone, Jan 26 2010,”Twitter Begins adding Twitter Local Trends”, Data from


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